Grumpy Jose

Specials Jose Cuellar


Taking pictures is cheaper than a therapist. It's a quick way of relating to strangers regardless of cultural obstacles or prejudices, and it also helps with expressing scattered ideas in images. The most successful moments start to happen after hours of solitary wandering through streets, whilst simultaneously making me feel foreign and out of place. When I don't think about myself.

I've been told that my photographs are sad, but humor is what most attracts me to a scene; when it seems like the city is practicing its stand-up routine for me.
I know how to cook and sew a button. Sort of. I am a bad singer and a worse basketball player, but I have exceptional organisational skills. I can pack a suitcase with incredible efficiency. I'm a great rambler, and taking pictures makes good of that asset.

I'm aware of the controversy surrounding street photography, and around issues of intrusion and exploitation of people's privacy. I've heard endless discussions on the supremacy of both analog and digital mediums. And sometimes I think about the saturation of information and loss of meaning by the careless documentation of life. But in my case, finding a moment that feels unique, regardless of the camera that captures it, is the guiding principle. A way to nurture human empathy and have other people witness it.

– Jose Guellar