The Grocery Gig Vol.1

by Carnet de Voyage

hosted by Helina Tesega, video by Marlon Rueberg & Andrew Lang

Carnet de Voyage (‘travelling notebook’) formed in early 2014, after Rosey Chan and Mimi Xu – both classically trained musicians – met at the Venice Biennale. Since forming Carnet De Voyage, they have participated in London’s Meltdown Festival alongside multimedia design collective UAU, played the Gagosian Gallery of Paris, and have performed everywhere from an abandoned airplane hangar to an 18th-century ballroom in Paris for Fashion Week.

Carnet de Voyage is an ever evolving, site-specific live show. The modular format concert is a sonic and visual journey into the heart of music history and contemporary culture, as well as a personal memoir.

Rosey and Mimi visit and re-visit diverse genres of music, sounds and videos by creating a unique immersive experience with their original compositions and films. Throughout their performances, the duo showcases a conscious desire to provoke emotions by combining old and new technologies.

Carnet de Voyage is both a testimonial of the past and a pertinent projection into the future. Each performance is unique to a space and reflects Rosey and Mimi’s musical sketches of a time and a place.